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What a Dynamic Kick-off to my 2024!

Title says it all!

The second week of January welcomed most of us back from holidays or dedicated family time, marking a fresh start for everyone!

I want to share the excitement and insights gained from some significant projects that I've had the privilege of bringing to life in the last weeks:


A masterclass I hosted on 'How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions with Ease: Your 6 Step Road-Map,' aimed at empowering individuals on their journey to self-improvement.


The launch of MOVE FORWARD 24, my coaching program, with an incredibly qualified and engaged group. The community calls and one-on-one sessions have started with a motivational energy and a spirit of mutual support.


A captivating masterclass led by Dr. Ines Drechsler in collaboration with the CEO of Think Beyond Group, dear Masha Ibeschitz on the interesting method of ikigai, a tool I frequently use in my private career coaching sessions.


Participation in the remarkable international event, Rise Up 2024, organised by Amel Derragui and moderated by Sanam Shantyaei.

I had the honour of sharing the panel stage with inspiring individuals - Amel Derragui , Karin Krobath , Alice Schmidt and Nermina Mumic - in the delightful space of Impact Hub Vienna.

Here are some moments and talks from the event:

"How to start your life and career from scratch in a foreign country?"

"What does “Mindful Transitions” mean?"


An informative coaching business update meeting by SparkUs, revealing exciting news about new collaborations for fostering a sustainable coaching culture within organizations, hosted by the remarkable Ozlem Sarioglu, MTP, PCC.


A productive training session in Turkish language, covering customer relations, time management, sales and negotiation skills, SWOT analysis of 2023, and goal setting for 2024, hosted for the Adriatic Group GmbH with the valuable trust of Azra Bekic.


In addition, there were enriching social catch-ups and coffee chats with friends, former coachees, and potential collaboration partners.


Was everything executed flawlessly according to plan? Certainly not!

Were re-adjustments necessary from idea to reality/outcome? Absolutely!

Would I undertake, host, deliver, save time for, prioritise, design, and present them all again? Without any doubt!

Every plan is a lesson.

Every action is a lesson in progress.

Every achievement is a golden opportunity for future learning.

Embrace the courage to prioritize your growth while bringing your best self and work to the network of life!

Remember, no one starts with the gold medal; it's an ongoing progress that we all should be after!

I assure you, as challenging as it may be, taking action is our only pathway to bringing valuable projects to life!




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