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"MOVE FORWARD 24" Self-Mastery and Career Coaching Program

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Excited to introduce you MOVE FORWARD 24 - a passion project born from over 20 years of expertise and guiding over 1000 individuals.

I'm on a mission to serve small, close-knit groups of 10, offering both individual coaching and group facilitation, fostering an environment where learning, sharing, and growth flourish.

Let's embark together on a transformative journey in a judgement-free heaven of self-discovery, new possibilities, and the creation of a life and career that authentically reflects your incredible capabilities!


"Move Forward 24" Trailer:


Our Program in Numbers

4 Months Time-Frame for Your Flexible Coaching Journey Jan 15-May 17 2024

8 Access to Private 45 Min. Online Sessions at Your Own Pace 09:30 - 19:30

8 Access to Online Community Calls Every Second Tuesday, Optional 18:30-20:00

10 Members maximum in your cosy support circle


The benefits of:

Self-Mastery Coaching

You will discover the calling of your true belonging; your values, strengths, talents ; a new identity leading an impactful career and a vibrant, healthy lifestyle

You will get clarity around your thoughts and structure your outcomes with time management.

You will eliminate procrastination and craft a blueprint for a step by step progress towards your goals.

YOU CAN activate your individual potential with a dedicated and educated partner.

Career Coaching

You will reflect on your passion, career goals, purpose and your vision to co-create a road map for your career transition.

You will get prepared while applying to new roles, during promotion for higher responsibilities and while productively creating work-personal life balance.

You will work on your leadership skills, working on your time-management, goal setting, and guiding team members for peak performance.

YOU CAN contribute to our collective potential with an experienced and committed partner.



Embrace the leap towards activating your potential and buy yourself and your FRIENDS the BEST NEW YEAR's GIFT ever!


4-months program



4 months of empowering support

Kick-off community get together (online or in person)

Access to 8 times 45 minute-online private sessions, easily booked via Calendly at your own pace and cadence

Continuous inner circle support via bi-weekly community calls, every second Tuesday between 18:30 - 20:00

Session notes and online resources

Miro Board setup for collaborative work

Unlimited access to coaching journey notes

Free, ’15-minute check-in call’ between sessions

Closing event community get together

100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE after the first coaching session

"Bring your friends" bonus: Win an additional coaching session per friend!

Invest in your success and grow into your potential with your motivating community!


Solution Focused Coaching is for You...



​Spiralling In Circles

Make Important Decisions


Take Action with Time Management

Overwhelmed at Work

Be Productive, Impactful and Fulfilled in Professional Development

Lost in Career Confusion

Transition into a New Career

Loosing Motivation

Get Clarity to Keep on Track

Taking instinctive un-focused action

Follow structured action steps in alignment with your body, mind and soul

Feeling Frustrated and Stuck

Feel Empowered with Positivity and Self-Confidence

Stuck in old Habits and Mindset

Create Healthy Habits and Behaviour Patterns for Long Term Change

Unclear about your Life Purpose, Clarity and Passion

Increase self-awareness to make your meaningful contribution to life


How does working with Dilek look like?

click for testimonials by:

Daniel Kockisch

Christine Garibaldi

Violina Haspel

Joseph Brenig


Official Collaboration Partners:

★ Lead Coach at the global coaching platform BetterUp based in USA.

★ Executive Coach and Trainer at SparkUs based in Turkey and Netherlands.

★ Impact Partner for coaching, training & facilitation projects at leadership experts Think Beyond Group based in Austria.

★ Leadership Coach at Percoms AG, based in Switzerland.


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