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Vienna: My Hub for a Decade of Transformation

Sometimes I forget that I live in Vienna.

Then I find myself pausing to remember that I'm lucky enough to call this beautiful city home.

You might wonder how that's possible.

When you joggle between your work, family, projects and responsibilities, you loose the sense of space and dissolve into the setting you breathe in. It becomes a part of your everyday story.

Today, after wrapping up a fulfilling workshop as a part of the volunteering team at Caritas Austria on discovering our personal strengths and competencies, I decided to take a walk through the city before heading home for my next coaching session. My guests today were part of the "Sıra Bende" project, dedicated to empowering women with Turkish roots in their career development journey.

Today I remembered that:

Our stories shape us.

Our backgrounds become our stories.

Our choices create our backgrounds.

Our backgrounds inter-wine to shape our futures.

Which can be built anytime, anywhere from scratch with meaning and purpose.

Twelve years ago, I arrived in Vienna -like my participants did- and embarked on the challenging yet immensely rewarding journey of rebuilding my life from scratch, at my own pace and in my own space.

And when moving abroad, the city you land in, recreates you.

Vienna, thank you.

I fancy you for being the hub of my transformation and I -as a former architect- I will be more aware of your offers and you.

Have you ever stopped to consider how the environment you're blending in is shaping you?

If you are -physically and mentally- not "home", how can you?

If you are willing to "come home", self-reflection work will help you.




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