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Event: Transformational Stories & Wine, An Evening of Inspiration Host Speaker

Life is full of challenges... But it is also full of people who know how to overcome them to create a life of their choices! Want to meet some of them? 😉

Then come join us on the 16th of November for the inspirational stories of Adela Mehic-Dzanic (IoT), MBA, Alexander Edelmann, my dear partner in crime Ceri Samvilian and myself!

This event is for you;

If you want to initiate "change" in your life but feel paralysed to take action

If you wish to meet with people who don’t shy away from talking about their ups and downs and how they still managed to successfully move forward

If you would like to network with like minded people who have no problem having a deeper conversation than just talking about the weather

These conversations will make you leave the room with:

💥 So much inspiration, so that you are ready for new challenges!

💥 So much motivation, so that you are prepared to overcome your limiting beliefs and put yourself out there!

💥 So much positive energy, so that you can recharge you batteries for a personal and professional future of possibilities!


Meet our guest speakers:

ADELA, is a Forbes featured female tech leader, speaker, and a mentor. In December 2020 she launched her YouTube Channel – Making it in Austria, where she interviews real people from around the world, who made a successful career or launched their business in Austria.

ALEXANDER, a visionary entrepreneur, and renowned leadership expert, epitomises the essence of innovation. Born in Syria and now an Austrian citizen. Currently, Alexander is channeling his expertise into producing a series of podcast episodes about leadership, showcasing his deep understanding of both business dynamics and human behaviour.


CLICK HERE to register through Calendly and JOIN US now!

Seats are limited with 25 people.

Booking: Sooner the better!


Thursday, November 16th, 2023, 18:00 - 20:00

At the lovely commonroom - event space/cafe at Florianigasse 54, gl4, 1080 Vienna.



Please feel free to share this post with your network!

Looking forward to welcoming you there!

Dilek & Ceri


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