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Event: Open Stage "Wellbeing" | Guest Speaker: Dilek Süzal | Free Entry

You’re invited to a mindful open mic night at commonroom at ​​Florianigasse 54/5, 1080 Vienna on 18th of November 2023 between the hours of 19:00 and 21:00.

The mindful open mic night will take an artistic & poetic lens on matters related to caring for the heart, mind and soul. Essentially, we will share music, movement, poetry and prose that elevates the spirit!

I will be hosting a talk on the topic: ‘Wellbeing for Professionals’ for raising awareness on the importance of ‘self-care’ to better perform at work. I will share my story of how I overcame my ‘Chronic Fatigue Condition’ and started to gain the control of my life back.

I will highlight the importance of integrating exercise to our daily routines and having a diet that works for us mindful of intolerances and allergies…all rooting from my own personal experience and recovery.


Some other topics will include:

*Emotional well-being



*Self-compassion or self-care

*Art, music or dance therapy

*Well being for professionals



This open mic will also include a 10 minute meditation and a chance for audience members to share reflections with each other.

During this open mic evening, each person will share something that, to them, is important from a personal, professional or just curious way!

There will be laughs, cries, amazement and interesting times!

If you also want to get involved and share something, send them an email to

Looking forward to seeing you there! Yours,



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