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Key Take-Away from Jeffery Perlman’s ‘Building an Unstoppable Brand’ Quest

This magical perspective fell into place while I was doing my "Building an Unstoppable Brand" Quest by amazing Jeffrey Perlman at my beloved Mindvalley platform;

My brand's architecture type is the "Brand Extension".

Let me explain;

I know that many entrepreneurs are struggling to share the core of their gifts with the world!

We just want to be/do it all! Which is a TRAP!

If you want to have more clarity around how your brand's universe is formed, here are my key take-aways:

There are 4 types of brand architecture:

Unified brands sell the same experience and the same promise. Like Starbucks.

Brand extension sells the same experience but with different promises. Like Virgin.

Brand endorsement sells different promises and different experiences, but capitalizes on the endorsing brand. Like Marvel.

Individual brands are stand-alone brands that don’t need any endorsement and do not need an endorsement from a parent brand. Like Lexus.

No surprise this chapter caught me by its title when I was thinking in which brand architecture category "Dilek Süzal Coaching and Training" ends up being in. I started being a business coach and expanded from there.

For example:

My brand's 4 main promises are:

1️⃣ 1-1 Coaching

2️⃣ Group/Team Coaching

3️⃣ Public Speaking

4️⃣ Corporate Training & Facilitation

Creating the same experience by being a harmonious cocktail of:

💎 Transformational

💎 Structural

💎 Inspirational

💎 Motivational

💎 Informational


Yes, I am a "bringing a structure to mental chaos" nerd as a former architect. 😂

I feel confident by knowing more and fulfilled by sharing more! So, I hope this example helps the ones who need this to get more clarity around structuring their offers to communicate the gift they wish to give to the network of life!

Show the world with an open 💚 who you are! 😊




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