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How an Art Exhibition Nurtured my Coaching Session

I asked this question to my client the other day while showing him a photo; and it was the game changer!

"Imagine your team as a sculpture by Jaume Plensa, where every member is a unique 'letter' contributing to the masterpiece. How can you strategically sculpt your communication to ensure that each 'letter' harmoniously blends to create a cohesive and inspiring narrative in the workplace?"

Of course not exactly formulated, but very similar to this one. 😊

How did I come up with this question?

By benefiting from the wisdom by Plensa's artworks and using it as a creative lens to cope with our everyday work challenges.

Let me explain;

After visiting his soul-expanding exhibition at Gaudi's La Pedrera in Barcelona I left the space with crazy questions in my mind about language, identity and human connection.

This is how the exhibition started;

"The womb and the mouth are the two most fundamental cavities in the body: life is born in one and words are born in the other."

Jaume Plensa

Then my mind started;

- Is our identity formed by our beliefs, created through the vehicles of letters, words, stories we keep telling ourselves? In which language are we really communicating with each other then?

- How can a dance of poetry and silence be so interconnected to transform the human form into spatial expressions this wonderfully? How much space do we occupy, with the words we say?

- How could huge solid sculptures transcend this kind of a contradicting, elegant silence floating in space?

How can vulnerability and strength as different kinds of powers unite this flawlessly? 🤝

Then professional life related questions popped up in my mind;

- Isn't it then the best way to unite teams according to unique powers and contributions to form the best common language and narrative?

- Doesn't personal growth and leadership start with being open to understanding other people's identity and communication patterns?

- Isn't conscience silence sometimes the best way to react?

When we let the mental creativity sink into our lives and answer questions like mine in coaching sessions; we leave the problem plate and we are headed towards unorthodox solutions.

His answer to this question?

Sorry I can not tell you that! 😄

But why not come up with your own answers?

Keep in mind, there's no such thing as a dumb question and a lousy answer!

Wishing you an amazing evening!

Yours, Dilek


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