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Event: From Pain Points to Gain Points

In this workshop trilogy we -Dilek & Sabine- invite you to a journey.

A destination, where you have a clear picture of your professional me and your role(s) that’s truly you-and that leaves enough space to feel complete on both sides-professionally AND personally.


It consists of 3 workshops in a safe space setting with a small number of participants (max. 15).You will experience hard fun work with LEGO® Serious Play®,systemic coaching methods and a lot of sharing experiences and perspectives with like minded people.

#1: Building your professional identity. Detect what’s your personal #balance between your professional and your personal identities is. At the end of workshop #1 you know where they go together,in what aspects they differ and what’s the core of your professional identity that is truly you!

#2: Playing variety. You will put new perspectives on your professional life and your roles (to be).You will dig into potentials you might not even be aware that you have. And you will have a full basket of ideas to create and shape alternative routes once you feel like being “stuck” again.

#3: Towards professional resillience. In this last workshop we will face uncertainty and rough times of life. You will take all you have learned about you and your professional identity-and you will work on how to stay flexible AND true to your core at the same time.


You can participate either in one, two or all three of them.

Whatever you choose: be fast, because seats are limited!

To save your seat send an email to:

Registrations are open now for event 1. Pre-registrations for 2 & 3!


#1 Building your professional identity that’s truly you: Sept. 29th, 2022,17 - 20 h

#2 Playing variety: November 3rd, 2022,17 - 20h

#3 Towards professional resilience: November 24th, 2022,17 - 20h


At Sabine’s space in Schottenfeldgasse 78/3/2,1070 Vienna

YOUR INVESTMENT? Not much. Only EUR 35 & your time!


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