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FREE Info Evenings: Ask Me Anything about My Coaching Programs!

Since launching my programs, I've received many inquiries about how they can impact your life and career. Today, I’m reaching out to invite you to my online gatherings, where I'll address the most common questions, such as: 


  • What will be the transformative outcomes? 

  • How long and how much will it take to upgrade your life and career? 

  • How to make the most of the slower summer months to reflect on your path and take action with ease and joy. 


You'll also have the opportunity to ask me anything else you'd like! 


Event Calendar: 


All of the free information evenings will be held at the same time and location mentioned below:

Time: 18:00-19:00 

Location: Zoom 



Information Evening NO.1

12.06.24 | Wednesday

Information Evening NO.2

18.06.24 | Tuesday

Information Evening NO.3 

25.06.24 | Tuesday



Information Evening NO.1

14.06.24 | Friday

Information Evening NO.2

19.06.24 | Thursday

Information Evening NO.3 

27.06.24 | Tuesday


Book your spot to learn more, with no obligation to enrol. Feel free to share the links — sharing is caring! 

Warm regards, 



Official Collaboration Partners:

★ Lead Coach at the global coaching platform BetterUp based in USA.

★ Executive Coach and Trainer at SparkUs based in Turkey and Netherlands.

★ Impact Partner for coaching, training & facilitation projects at leadership experts Think Beyond Group based in Austria.

★ Leadership Coach at Percoms AG, based in Switzerland.


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