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"CAREER CLARITY PROJECT" The Coaching Package for Career Development and Transition with Ease

Do you want to gain clarity and direction from a coach who has undergone a remarkable life and career transformation - transitioning from a successful architect to one of the top 15 coaches in Vienna - within three years?  


My 180-degree career change experience offers actionable insights and strategies to help you make a 'reality check' and set goals for a clear and decisive career path. 


The start of the year marks a pivotal moment for many companies as they set new budgets and hiring strategies. While changes are happening on a corporate scale, many professionals encounter a crossroads in their career path, leading to uncertainty about the future. If this scenario speaks to you, and you're anticipating a change in your job or role, this project is your inspiration and way out! 


Together, we'll devise a tailored roadmap to fit your individual circumstances, equipped with practical tools and incorporating strategies to handle change and prioritize your well-being.  


Our Program in Numbers

8 Weeks' Time-Frame for Your Flexible Coaching Journey

6 Access to Private 75 Min. Online Sessions at Your Own Pace 09:30 - 19:30

6 Access to 15 Min. Follow-Up Calls 09:30-19:30

Our program includes a comprehensive analysis of your current situation. We will collaborate to highlight your unique abilities and identify opportunities for growth. Through an in-depth exploration of various career sides, I will prepare you activate your skills in the job market with confidence, ensuring your new professional identity aligns with your aspirations. 


Career Clarity is tailored for you if you find yourself:

Struggling to pinpoint your next career move amidst global opportunities, after staying too long in the same career.

 Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of transitioning to a new role, company, or industry and feeling stuck.

Needing assistance with self-(re)discovery to align your career goals with your personal strengths, talents, values and aspirations and the options in the job market.

Confused about which skills to develop, training paths to take and how to navigate this process with existing commitments to your life and family.

Struggling to niche down, and commit to a certain direction, that will take you to where you belong.

Seeking guidance on the options in the job market by means of companies, positions, salary expectations and the practical overview to renew your professional identity. 

Need a LinkedIn review to use the platform efficiently in alignment with your new career goals. 

That might be caused by:

  • A major change in your life circumstances or career, or both.  


  • Lack of clarity for the future, feeling stuck without options and without time dedicated to work on this aspect.  

  • A deep desire for a new, fulfilling, financially independent beginning in your career that you want to get prepared for.   

If either of these resonate with you, our coaching program is THE transformative solution you've been searching for! 



Career Clarity will be there for you for:

Self-reflection and Clarity

Providing assistance with self-reflection or self-(re)discovery to align your career goals with your personal strengths, talents, values and aspirations.

Comprehensive Life Analysis

Assisting you in analysing various life domains to understand their interconnectedness and impact.

Career Milestone Definition 

Supporting you in forecasting your next career options aligned with your family, salary expectations and work environment.

Masterful Planning

Helping you with strategies to create a hybrid model for change and transition.

Change Management 

Providing support in change management to navigate transitions smoothly and effectively.

Time Management

Providing assistance with time management to balance career development efforts with existing commitments.


Providing empowerment in self-management to stay motivated, focused, and productive.

In essence, Career Clarity will be there for you every step of the way, providing support, guidance, and tools to help you achieve your goals and navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity.  


The benefits of having Dilek as your accountability partner:

You will unlock creativity, create clarity and enable actionable transformation through architectural and coaching mindsets. (Dilek is a former architect!)


You will have the structural approach of an ARCHITECT+ the empowering know-how of a COACH.

You will set goals, keep on track with momentum and be vulnerable in a safe space with an immense energy, motivation and empowerment!

You will take time for self-reflection, discover obstacles and opportunities through various perspectives in a judgement free heaven focused on “you”.

You will practice how to navigate through the different phases of change.

You will eliminate procrastination and craft a blueprint for a step-by-step progress towards your tangible outcomes with fun and ease!  



Embrace the leap towards changing your life and buy yourself the BEST GIFT ever! 


8-weeks (2-months) program tailor made for you.  

Book till 17.06.2024 and get your special offer! 



+ 2 months of empowering support

+ Access to 6 times 75 minute-online private sessions, easily booked via Calendly at your own pace and cadence

+ Session notes and (online) resources such as books, podcasts, articles, videos. 

+ Miro Board setup for collaborative work

+ Unlimited access to coaching journey notes 

+ Free, ’15-minute check-in call’ between sessions

+ 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE after the first coaching session

+ "Bring your friends" bonus: Win an additional coaching session per friend!

By investing in yourself today, you're securing a brighter tomorrow. Say goodbye to stress, frustration, burnout; and hello to a life of balance, achievement, and joy. 



How does working with Dilek look like?

click for testimonials by:

Daniel Kockisch

Christine Garibaldi

Violina Haspel

Joseph Brenig


Official Collaboration Partners:

★ Lead Coach at the global coaching platform BetterUp based in USA.

★ Executive Coach and Trainer at SparkUs based in Turkey and Netherlands.

★ Impact Partner for coaching, training & facilitation projects at leadership experts Think Beyond Group based in Austria.

★ Leadership Coach at Percoms AG, based in Switzerland.


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