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"BALANCING SUCCESS 24" The Coaching Program for Professionals in Self & Time Management and Navigating Through Change

Do you find it challenging to juggle your career aspirations with the demands of your personal and family life? It's okay to feel overwhelmed; feeling torn between the pressures of work and the longing for personal fulfilment. I understand the struggles you're facing –the mental load, the time constraints - I have been there too... You don't have to navigate this journey alone.

With our personalized coaching program and the training content it provides, I am here to support you every step of the way with the sweet spot between training and coaching. 

Together, we'll craft a roadmap tailored to your unique circumstances with the practical tools you need, integrating strategies to manage change and prioritize your well-being.  

We'll work hand in hand to navigate the complexities of finding harmony between achieving results in work and personal life, ensuring that your definition of success aligns perfectly with your values and aspirations. It's time to reclaim control over your life and take proactive steps towards a brighter future.  

Your transformation starts here and now!


"Balancing Success 24" Trailer:

"Balancing Success 24" Pre-recorded Training Content Details


Our Program in Numbers

12 Weeks' Time-Frame for Your Flexible Coaching Journey


Pre-recorded Bite-size Videos in 6 Training Topics such as Self & Time Management and Navigating Through Change, to prepare you for your sessions.

6 Access to Private 75 Min. Online Sessions at Your Own Pace 09:30 - 19:30

6 Access to 15 Min. Follow-Up Calls 09:30-19:30


"Balancing Success” is for you if you find yourself struggling with:

Insufficient time for personal well-being and relaxation

 Lack of knowledge how to navigate through managing yourself, your time and changes in your life  

A lingering sense of self-doubt that holds you back

Persistent doubts about your own worth, performance and capabilities 

Uncertainty and confusion regarding your next career steps  

Feeling trapped and unable to take decisive action towards your goals

Difficulties in effectively expressing yourself and communicating your needs 

A lack of structured plans to guide you towards your career milestones  

Stagnation in your career progression, feeling trapped and unsure of how to move forward 

That might be caused by:


A major change in your life or career, or both.

An upcoming career transition or change with more responsibilities that you don’t feel ready for.

A newly appointed leadership.

If either of these resonate with you, our coaching program is THE transformative solution you've been searching for! 



"Balancing Success" will be there for you for:

Strategic Decision Support

Providing expert guidance and support for crucial decision-making processes.  

Holistic Wellness

Enhancing your health and fitness regime to maintain a balanced work-life dynamic. 

Effective Communication Mastery

Equipping you with the tools to navigate challenging conversations and interviews confidently

Masterful Planning

Helping you develop advanced planning skills to prioritize tasks and align your efforts with career objectives.

Clarity and Self-Care

Offering support to gain clarity on your future trajectory while carving out essential time for self-care.  

Diverse Perspectives

Providing know-how and opportunities to explore fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Comprehensive Life Analysis

Assisting you in assessing and analyzing various life domains to understand their interconnectedness and impact.  

Career Milestone Definition

Supporting you in defining and refining your next career milestone with precision and purpose.  

Professional Growth Unlocking

Supporting you in unlocking your professional potential through tailored training and skill development, including presentation, public speaking, and communication topics. 

In essence, Balancing Success will be there for you every step of the way, providing support, guidance, and tools to help you achieve your goals and navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity. 


The benefits of having Dilek as your accountability partner:

You will unlock creativity, create clarity and enable actionable transformation through architectural and coaching mindsets. (Dilek is a former architect!) 

You will have the structural approach of an ARCHITECT+ the empowering know-how of a COACH.

You will set goals, keep on track with momentum and be vulnerable in a safe space with an immense energy, motivation and empowerment!

You will take time for self-reflection, discover obstacles and opportunities through various perspectives in a judgement free heaven focused on “you”.

You will practice how to navigate through the different phases of change.

You will eliminate procrastination and craft a blueprint for a step-by-step progress towards your tangible outcomes with fun and ease!  



Embrace the leap towards changing your life and buy yourself the BEST GIFT ever! 


12-weeks (3-months) program tailor made for you.

Book till 17.06.2024 and get your special offer!

(€299 per month)



+ 3 months of empowering support

+ Access to 6 times 75 minute-online private sessions, easily booked via Calendly at your own pace and cadence

+ Access to 18 Pre-recorded training content on Self & Time Management and Navigating Through Change.

+ Session notes and online resources

+ Miro Board setup for collaborative work

+ Unlimited access to coaching journey notes 

+ Free, ’15-minute check-in call’ between sessions

+ 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE after the first coaching session

+ "Bring your friends" bonus: Win an additional coaching session per friend!

By investing in yourself today, you're securing a brighter tomorrow. Say goodbye to stress, frustration, burnout; and hello to a life of balance, achievement, and joy. 



How does working with Dilek look like?

click for testimonials by:

Daniel Kockisch

Christine Garibaldi

Violina Haspel

Joseph Brenig


Official Collaboration Partners:

★ Lead Coach at the global coaching platform BetterUp based in USA.

★ Executive Coach and Trainer at SparkUs based in Turkey and Netherlands.

★ Impact Partner for coaching, training & facilitation projects at leadership experts Think Beyond Group based in Austria.

★ Leadership Coach at Percoms AG, based in Switzerland.


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