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Visiting Guggenheim Bilbao After 20 Years: A Former Architect’s Self Reflections on Changing Careers

"Change is life's only constant!" Need convincing?

Two decades ago, I embarked on an academic quest to get my master's degree, crafting a thesis around this architectural masterpiece. Yesterday, I retraced that path with my kids, sharing what once ignited my passion. :)

Bilbao's chilly autumn of 2003 welcomed two excited students, my sister and me.

Limited funds to visit Guggenheim and making sketches for my book meant canned beans and snacks for a 4-day journey. 😄

Memories rush back—the river's whispers, sunlight on a façade like I have never seen before, floral scents, warm textures under my fingers, my coffee's reflection on water...

And let's not forget how I respected the visionary Frank Gehry FRANK O. GEHRY & ASSOCIATES, INC. who embraced change in architecture, the most technical and solid form of art. He celebrated flowing sculptural surfaces, transcending architecture of an era beyond mere engineering.

Yesterday, I realized two decades reshaped me—marriage, parenthood, new lands, and a transformed 24-year-old self could have never imagined!

His vision resonated with my journey years after my graduation. It encouraged me to embrace change, and work relentlessly until I feel where I need to be!

Today, I am still amazed by the spatial quality of his 25 year old design, homing great works of art by Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons, and permanently housing Richard Serra's timeless architectural sculptures.

Here is the thing;

We mold our lives, blending old expertise with new passions. And we can do it at any age, in every phase of our lives!

As a former architect turned career coach, self-mastery fuels this transformative journey. Change persists, and we're its architects once we believe it is possible!

Yours, Dilek


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