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Transformational Stories & Wine: An Evening of Inspiration

Life presents challenges at every turn, yet it's also full of individuals who conquer these hurdles to craft lives aligned with their aspirations. This particular evening revolved around their incredible stories...

Let me share what we encountered and the valuable insights I've gathered to pass on to you.

From the outset of conceptualizing this event series with Ceri, we knew it would be something truly exceptional! The overwhelming positive response to our initial event propelled us to aim higher. The growing interest and increased participation affirmed our belief in the positive impact we could make in our audience's lives. I am profoundly thankful for that…

We warmly welcomed our guests into the charming common room.

Arranged our space, double-checked our notes.

Enjoyed a warm cup of tea to unwind, and aligned our energies.

As our final guest arrived, Ceri and I took the stage to extend a warm welcome.

Then came Alexander, stepping onto the stage to share his inspiring journey—from starting life in Syria, navigating perilous waters in a rubber boat to reach Europe, and eventually evolving into a visionary entrepreneur and respected leadership expert.

Following him, Adela took the stage, weaving together three compelling narratives, including her own journey rooted in Bosnia, continuing through the Netherlands, and ongoing in Vienna. She highlighted the ‘Making It in Austria’ community she founded and her YouTube channel, a go-to platform for candid discussions on starting anew in Austria.

Ceri narrated her journey to becoming the coach and author she is today, while I recounted the past decade, rebuilding my life and career, sharing vulnerable moments, all as host speakers—remarkably rewarding experiences.

Our audience lingered well after the event concluded, engaging in deeper conversations till the event space closed its doors!

The evening was filled with:

Abundant inspiration, fueling us for forthcoming challenges.

Profound motivation, equipping us to shatter self-imposed limitations and step forward.

Positive energy, recharging us for a future teeming with personal and professional possibilities!

Our hearts are full with gratitude for each participant's presence and for commonroom's exceptional hospitality!

Looking forward to creating the 3rd event in the coming year!




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