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Event: PWN Vienna Link Up & Learn Event Speaking Engagement!

Join us for an inspiring and transformative event focused on the incredible potential of networking: a value, a habit, and undoubtedly, a strength. Are you ready to harness this strength and amplify your personal and professional success? At this enriching gathering and fireside chat, PWN President Claudia Cordie and Career and Business Coach Dilek Süzal will delve into the world of networking through personal experiences and powerful testimonials. Our esteemed speakers will share their journey, insights, and tips on how they've turned networking into a formidable strength. The evening is meticulously designed to equip you with practical habits that will bolster and enrich your network, enabling you to cultivate lasting connections.


Engage with personal stories and wisdom from our speakers Gain valuable insights into turning networking into a powerful habit Understand the profound impact of a strong community on achievements Discover strategies to 'pay it forward' and foster a culture of reciprocity Learn about the incredible work of our event partner, Marina Rinaldi, a firm believer in the strength of networking.


By the end of this event, you'll be armed with actionable takeaways that can make a significant difference in your networking journey. You'll gain not only the knowledge to elevate your network but also the motivation to put it into practice, advancing both your personal and professional endeavors. Don't miss this opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals, eager to cultivate strength through networking. Come, be inspired, and let's unleash the power of networking together!

This event is sponsored by PWN partner Marina Rinaldi. Marina Rinaldi has been celebrating women for over 40 years. A voice to make every woman feel that the time has come to get what she deserves.

Also sponsored by YA.BE revolutionizes the world of beauty by rewriting the definition of beauty as awareness and natural, free self-expression.

Please note that this is a member only event:

Please log into your account to access registration, otherwise you can become a PWN Vienna member here:

Please note that we have limited space available, therefore make sure to sign up by October 22nd!

See you there! Dilek

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