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One Step Closer to my Dream of Being an Author: Being a Co-Author!

I have always wanted to be an author. Even though I haven't become one (yet), I have proudly co-authored a book with amazing people! 


'A Complete Guide to Self-Employment in Austria'

The first version of this book saved me years and tears, so it is a privilege for me to contribute to its 2024 version, to the chapter 'Motivation & Organisation'.If you are considering self-employment in Austria but feeling overwhelmed by the bureaucratic maze, or you're already trying to deal with the complex web of Austrian regulations and formalities, this is your resource.

If you are already an entrepreneur or solopreneur and keeping on track by means of discipline, motivation, organizing yourself and your time for productivity do not always come easy; this guide will be your support for successful outcomes.

Let our paperback and e-book guidebooks, amazing team of writers empower you every step of the way!

Dear Marta, thank you so much for your invitation to this amazing project! I admire all your efforts dear Marta Srebrakowska, Miglena Hofer, Severina Ditzov, Alexandra Kaspar, Johannes Hindler, Christopher Grass, Amel Derragui.

It is great be a part of this team!


My Article on the "Self-Employed in Austria" Website.


P.S. We are offering a 15% discount for you with the code: "Dilek15" 😉

Link for purchase is:

Self-Employed in Austria web-site:




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