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How did I Shift my Anxiety of Public Speaking to Positive Excitement

Do you want to hear something weird?

According to the Article: “Get Excited: Reappraising Pre-Performance Anxiety as Excitement,” by Alison Wood Brooks, PhD, getting excited helps with performance anxiety more than trying to calm down!

This was great news because I was freaking out there at the airport, on the way to my keynote at the Global Business Lady Excellence conference that kicks off tomorrow in Sofia. 😄

Now that research shows that saying "I am excited" performs much better than saying "I must calm down", I was embracing this positive state of being SUPER EXCITED! Funny enough I was immediately feeling better!

Then the airlines told me the plane is overbooked (happening for the first time in my life) so I might need to stay in Vienna for the night and might miss my talk of tomorrow...

Somebody did not show up last minute and I got my well deserved seat and managed to fly on time!


Emotional regulation for the things I can control like "anxiety of public speaking", replace "nervousness" with "positive excitement"!

Emotional regulation for the things I have no control over, just let go and trust in whatever comes your way, it will be coming anyway... (easily said than done though... An online check-in always helps, post-covid memory recall)


Wishing you a great week with lots of positive vibes at work and in your personal life... and lots of wisdom, patience and strength if anything unexpected happens. At the end it all boils down to how we react and regulate...

And there is always a WAY-OUT!




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