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How a Former Architect Sees the World Through Coaching

What fascinates me in architectural design is, structuring, guiding, and comforting human behavior. Every line, curve, and space influences how people interact, feel, and experience their surroundings. It's a beautiful blend of art and psychology shaping our lives.

Guess what fascinates me about coaching? The same!

Just like designing spaces, coaching helps structure, guide, and comfort individuals in their journey of growth. Witnessing people transform and thrive is my rewarding experience!

Here is Cosmo Caxia, the amazing science museum in Barcelona that ticked all the boxes in spatial creativity and functionality offering an inspiring experience that I wanted to share with you!

After my visit, I can't help but wonder;

What would I look like/ be like if I were a building?

How would I function, evolve, and contribute to the world around me?

I invite you to take a minute to explore the boundless possibilities of this relationship empowering yourselves to make a meaningful impact in your ever-changing landscape.

Don't want to explore alone?

Let's partner for connecting different dots and generating new perspectives for positive change, together! 🚀

Yours, Dilek


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