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Healthy Body-Mind-Soul Alignment tips for Busy Professionals

Do you want to hear quick and healthy body-mind-soul alignment tips for busy professionals?

I strongly believe that healthy individuals create healthy work places and cultures!

So here we go! :)

Your 4 tips to organize your work-week days in just 35 minutes!

💎 2 min. Check your calendar the evening prior and be aware of what is ahead of you in advance (on a daily & weekly basis) . I check in for a weekly overview.

💎 1 min. Right after you wake up, drink a glass of water with lemon juice + a pinch of (Himalayan) salt. I do this everyday to tank the water loss of the night, circulate the flow and regulate my blood pressure.

* Wait for 60-90 min. before your first coffee because our cortisol levels are already high when we wake up. (ref. Dr.Michael J. Breus, Phd.) I wait around 60 min. before my first caffeine intake.

💎 30 min. Exercise (whatever feels convenient) I go for a walk or jog or I do stretching or yoga at home depending on the situation with my kids or the weather.

💎 2 min. Practice gratitude and put a huge smile on your face! (Even if sometimes you need to trick your brain for this!) I do it in the mirror, even if sometimes I am under stress and I don't feel like it. It works :)

Have a phenomenal and successful work-week ahead!




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