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Event: Transformational Stories

Do you want to initiate “change” in your life but feel paralyzed to take action?

Do you wish to meet with people who have been there before, failed but still managed to successfully move forward?

Would you like to network with like minded people who have no problem having a deeper conversation than just talking about the weather?

Then, come listen to these amazing speakers and leave the room with knowledge, inspiration and courage for action!

We, Dilek Süzal and @cerisamvilian Ceri Samvilian invite you to join our event “Transformational Stories” for moments of inspiration!


Transformational Stories that will…

Inspire you to overcome limitations

Empoweryourself to take action for “change” in your life

Persuade you to create new beliefs for a future of possibilities

Motivate you and make you believe that anything is possible

DATE- TIME - LOCATION Thursday, April 13th, 2023 at 18:00

At the lovely commonroom - event space/cafe at Florianigasse 54, gl4, 1080 Vienna.

TO ATTEND Click the CALENDLY LINK in BIO and register NOW! Limited spaces to 20 people!


Looking forward to meeting you there!


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