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Event: Business Lady Excellence Speaker

I have always felt home on stage...

💥 Played in theater pieces starting from the age of 13.

💥 Sang in alternative rock bands, obviously around the age of 20. 😄

💥 Spoken in events, hosted trainings from the age of 25.

💥 Been interviewed for TV shows after the age of 30.

There came a time where I strived for more and continued my journey with "stages of my growth zone".

This time, I will be speaking about "career change and building a career that you belong to" at the Business Lady Excellence Global Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria in 4 weeks!

Please wish me luck for this!!! 🍀

A big Thank You to dear Betty from European Law Firm for the huge role she played with her amazing organizational skills and dear Billyana Gramova, EMBA for making this event happen!

If you are around, feel welcomed to join us in this learning, sharing and networking opportunity!

Here are the event details:

Date: 25 - 26 April 2023

Location: Grand Hotel Millenium, Sofia, Bulgaria.


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