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Holiday Frustration? You are not Alone!

Feeling frustrated about the long-awaited holiday? This article is for you!

You planned your perfect holiday months in advance and after a few days in your dream destination, you can't help the feeling; "Something is not right, what is wrong with me?"

Nothing is wrong with you.

And you are not alone.

On holidays -as well as in professional life - the gap between expectations and reality leads to disappointment. Dreaming about perfect scenarios triggers dopamine rush and pure pleasure, while execution requires effort...

Our routine changes; we lack sleep, we load our bodies with various food and beverages, rush from one activity to the other and we often "load up" with things or crowds instead of "let go" and relax.

Here are tips for joyful holidays that work for me (and that you can also benefit from when you are back to life, back to reality! 😂

Plan to the best of your ability and then let go of the ideal scenario, embrace what unfolds with all of its imperfection! One day it will be perfect.The other day it won't.

Practice emotional regulation and gratitude. Raise awareness of the privilege you have!

Be aware of the changes in your routine and be open to slow down or pace up if necessary.

Try to prioritize sleep and healthy, early and light nutrition and hydration to recharge and fully enjoy each day. (Savor the local delicacies and cocktails but maintain balance!)

Take breaks to relax and avoid overloading your schedule. Try to plan the next day and be ready to adjust to what the weather forecast says!

Let's celebrate the imperfectly perfect holidays & life! 😁

Yours, Dilek


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