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Feature Alert! My Interview Goes Live: ‘Guiding Through the Coaching Path with Dilek Süzal’

Marta Srebrakowska, who is a stunning entrepreneur herself, sent me a message one day: ‘Hello dear Dilek, we would love to write an article about you. Would you be interested?’ 

I have been a member of the Self-Employed in Austria Community which is grounded by Marta and which is leading the international self-employment scene in Austria for many years, so I replied with a wholehearted ‘YES!’. This is how it all started. 

We made this amazing call with real and honest questions, with a warm chat and the answers that took time for me to think…

She noted: 

‘Last week we had the pleasure of chatting about running a coaching business in Austria with Dilek Süzal Coach PCC, M.Arch and today you can read through our conversation and learn about Dilek's inspiring journey. It will especially be helpful if you are about to begin the process of registration and the coaching path in Austria. Dilek added some valuable advice and resources!’ 

I love talking about coaching, my biggest passion and purpose, my new career path which is aligned with who I am, and how I want to contribute to this life with. 

I believe we have put together a great source for the ones who think about being a coach -particularly in Austria - or the ones who are accredited coaches and at the beginning their journey.

Here is the full article

Enjoy reading! 



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